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Point cards
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Point cards
Zoomable illustrations
Self testing

A Manual of Acupuncture iOS app

Requires iOS 3.1+


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About the app

STOP PRESS: Android version due out late November 2013

A Manual of Acupuncture is the foremost points textbook in the Western world. This application contains the same content as the Manual of Acupuncture Point Card Set plus additional features:

  • Every channel and extra point from A Manual of Acupuncture textbook
  • English and Chinese point names, point category, location and location notes, illustration, needling instructions, cautions, actions and clinical application
  • Videos with commentary showing how to locate and needle every point
  • Illustrations  for all primary, luo-connecting, divergent and sinew channels and the eight extraordinary vessels
  • Indications index for key points
  • Add your own notes
  • Points are flaggable for further study or for self-testing
  • Reference pages include cun measurements, location & needing guidelines, glossary of terms
  • Self-testing module

Frequently asked questions

Tell me about the latest version

Version 1.2.1 has just been published. Version 1.2 brought in a significant number of improvements (see below) but had two glitches: 1. that the Large Intestine videos were missing, and 2. that you could not add a point to more than one group of favourites. These have now been fixed in 1.2.1

What improvements came with 1.2?

- You can now quickly move from point to point within a channel, either by swiping with your finger or by using the forward and back arrows
- We have added accents to the pinyin point names
- We have added the area illustrations from the Manual
- We have added the point combinations from the Manual
- We have added a searchable list of all the points which can be viewed by point number or pinyin name
- We have moved the notes section to the point pages so that once you add any text of your own, it will be seen on the point page it relates to
- We have made the points listed in the Indications section live links so you can now tap them to go directly to the point page
- We have added the ability to set the font size (small, medium or large)
- We have added the ability to delete all notes or favourites, rather than having to delete them one by one
- The favourites function now allows you to create multiple folders and assign points to any of these; once this is done you can test yourself on any of these groups of favourites
- We have added the ability to synchronise notes and favourites between iphone and ipad versions.
- We have added spread and pinch functionality to the point and channel illustrations
- Unfortunately we have been unable to solve one problem. Many people asked that the app use the rotation function (from portrait view to landscape view) which is common in many apps and is especially valuable on the ipad since most people use it in landscape view. Due to the way the app was originally built, this has proved to be an unachievable task despite strenuous efforts. Trying to add this function made the app unacceptably unstable. This will be solved with a complete rebuild due late November 2013.

Not enough memory/free space to load app

The latest version of the Manual of Acupuncture app is roughly 850mb. However the Apple installation process requires additional space to load temporary files and because of different hardware and software versions we cannot say exactly how much extra space is required.

If you are told you do not have enough free space, your options are 1. permanently or temporarily delete any items that you do not need or can easily replace, install the Manual app, then reinstall any deleted items that you want to keep (up to the capacity of your phone), or 2. install the app via iTunes on your computer then onto the app. The temporary files will then be installed on the computer and not take up space on your iphone.

Is the app available for Android, Blackberry or Window Phone 7?

No, currently the Manual of Acupuncture app is only available for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad). However we have commissioned a version for Android, Blackberry and Windows phones that is due out late November 2013.

There is no sound in the videos, how can I fix it?

Sound issues in the videos usually relate to the device being muted. Please first check that your device's volume is set to a suitable level, then:

For iPod Touch & iPhone:

  • Have you checked the mute switch is not activated?

For iPad:

  • If you use the side switch for muting: check the side switch is not active.
  • If you use the side switch for rotation lock: check the iPad is not muted by clicking the home button twice and swiping right on the app task bar. The mute control is located next to the "Play / Pause" buttons.

The videos are not working, what is the problem?

The current version of the app (version 1.1) has a bug which prevents the videos from working on iOS 3.x. If you are using a first generation iPod touch or a first generation iPhone you might have problems playing the videos. We are working towards fixing this issue in the next release.

When I open the app all I see is a blank screen, how can I fix it?

Some users of the app have reported this occasional unexpected behaviour, if you encounter this issue please force quit the app by following these steps. Once the app has been force quit open it again as usual. If you experience this issue please get in touch as we are currently trying to gather information as to what is causing it.

Does the app support landscape orientation mode?

No, currently the app only supports portrait orientation mode, we are looking to include this functionality in the next version of the app.

Is the app available in any other language than English?

No, currently the app is only available in English.

If I buy the iPhone version, will I have to pay again for the iPad version?

As long as your iPhone and iPad are linked to the same iTunes account you will only need to purchase the app once.

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