28 October 2011

We've been gratefully receiving your feedback over the last few months and although we have not responded indicidually, we have been taking it all on board.

Not everything you (and we) want is techically feasible. Some of the simplest improvements come up against the strangest snags. But we will definitely be including next/last point navigation and linked points within the Indications as improvements, plus anything else our developers can manage.

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"I have to say the DVD is absolutely fantastic and I recommend it to all my fellow students. Just brilliant, the tests are very helpful"

Marianne Creyf

"This is really what I've been waiting for. I always wanted to have the manual in digitalized form. To have it with me and to have the full text search options. But the tests and videos with all their options make it the perfect study material, absolutely great!"

Larissa Backes

"This is the greatest product ever ... Thank you."

Laurie Lehey