This is a relatively new treatment method particularly, but not exclusively, for the treatment of pain.  It is a development of Kinesio-taping and was described by two German doctors, Hans-Ulrich Hecker and Kelly Liebchen.  The method has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, but also in osteopathy.  Acupressure taping differs from Kinseo-taping in that any “western” symptom can be translated into a Chinese clinical picture and then managed with this therapy.  Thus  more complaints can be treated using Acupressure taping, including internal problems such as bowel disorders, menstrual problems, and many others.

The expected effects of Acupressure taping can be summarized as follows: Pain reduction. Reduction in muscle spasm, improved tone of weak muscles, anti-inflammatory actions, improved immune state, decongestion and improved blood circulation.

Acupressure taping is especially useful in the realm of sports medicine.

Acupressure Taping for Chronic Pain & Injuries

Hans-Ulrich Hecker & Kay Liebchen

A full explanation of the use and practice of acupressure taping with many clear and helpful photographs.

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Sarasa Kinesiology / Acu Tape

Japanese Kinesiology Tape by SARASA Kinesiology tape from Japan can treat a wide variety of conditions due to its ability to reduce inflammation and pain, relax the muscles, enhance performance and facilitate rehabilitation while supporting muscles in movement. Worn by both professional and amateur participants in many sports.

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