AcuGlide is a top range needle made of high grade steel with a metal pipe handle. Not only does it have the unique LIFT technology applied the needle is also coated with parylene, an environmentally and patient friendly organic substance which is used to enhance the smoothness of our needle rather than the silicone coating which is used by many others. The parylene coating can make AcuGlide suitable for treating nickel allergic patients as it affords a high degree of protection. Please note that because the parylene coating bonds to the needle shaft so firmly it will inhibit an electrical current and is not suitable for electro acupuncture.


  • LIFTed™ needle surface for maximum patient comfort and ease of insertion.
  • Surface treated with parylene, no residual left behind.
  • BioSafe™ - Class VI compatibility meeting USFDA G95-1 and ISO-10993 requirements.
  • Non-tarnishing aluminum pipe handle as light as plastic handles.
  • Consistently sharp needle tip profile.
  • SkinSaver™ painless guide tube for patient comfort.
  • FingerSaver™ prick-free packet.
  • Smallest guide tube for improved insertion precision.
  • EZY-Accessible box design.
  • Avaiable in EZY-Pack® for busy practitioners.
  • ZiPack™ No tabs to mess with, no glue spot to fight with, just aim and insert!
  • Size colour coded box and packet.