ACUREA acupuncture needles are made in South Korea in a brand new state of the art factory by one of Korea's leading medical manufacturing companies. The quality is one of the best you will come across in Europe.

All Acurea needles are gamma ray sterilised not ethylene gas sterilized. The latter is extremely toxic to the environment, (most if not all Chinese manufactured needles are sterilised with ethylene gas which after the process, is simply exhausted into the air). Gamma ray is very safe and clean technology (much of your freeze dried foods including noodles are sterilised this way!).

Acurea needles are available in two pack sizes. First a box of 200 needles each, individually blistered with guide tube, and second a box of 1,000 needles packed 10 needles per pouch with one guide tube. These pack sizes are designed to reduce waste packaging and keep the price competitive for such high quality needles. The needles have an high tech surface with extremely low co-efficient of friction for maximum patient benefit, making the needles beautifully smooth, coating and residue free.

Ideal for the environmentally conscious.

Acurea Standard Pack 200 Needles (Individually blistered with guide tube)

Needles packed 1 needle 1 guide tube. Box contains 200 needles. Spring handled needles made of the highest grade surgical steel available. High tech needle surface with extremely low co-efficient of friction for maximum patient benefit.

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Acurea Bulk Pack 1,000 needles (10 needles, one guide tube per pouch)

Needles packed 10 per blister pack with 1 guide tube included. 1 box contains 1000 needles. Package waste is much reduced. Extremely economically priced for high needle usage/patient numbers (as well as the environmentally conscious practitioner).

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Acurea hand / cosmetic needle 0.18x8mm (2,000 needles)

KHT Needles. Used for Korean Hand Acupuncture (KHT). Comes in a blister pack of 50 needles. Supplied as 2000 per box. 0.18mm guage x 8mm length. Also ideal for auricular and facial acupuncture. Is also very cost effective for facial revitalisation.

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