Derma rollers, designed with a hard spiked surface, are used to vigorously roll across the skin to promote the circulation of qi and blood. They are useful in the treatment of qi and blood stagnation and deficiency including muscle spasms, scar therapy, cosmetic acupuncture, hair loss treatment, stretch mark removal and dermatological conditions.

Probes are an excellent tool for locating and stimulating ear and body acupuncture points. The probe tips are ball shaped and can be used diagnostically to palpate and identify sensitive areas. Probes are also ideal in auriculotherapy for the application of magnetic balls, ear seeds and ear needle tacks.

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Hand Roller

arge dermal roller. 2.5cm diameter by 10cm long roller with 550 surface spikes. Ideal for large surface area applications. Made of aluminium. Used especially in Korean Hand Acupuncture

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