Electrotherapy aims to stimulate the body's healing processes by sending electrical impulses through the channels, muscles and nerves. Electrical stimulation is most commonly associated with pain management as it promotes the release of endogenous neurotransmitters such as beta-endorphin, a natural analgesic. Additionally electrotherapy can be effective for treating Bi syndromes (rheumatic and arthritic conditions), channel stagnation and musculoskeletal trauma.

There are two main applications of electrotherapy; electro acupuncture (EA) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Electro acupuncture relies on the transmission of an electric current through acupuncture needles where TENS, a non invasive technique, uses surface electrode pads with a conductor gel placed on the skin.

A variation in the electro acupuncture machine settings (such as frequency and intensity) will produce different responses by innervating different nerves. While it is a safe and effective treatment, practitioners are advised to seek appropriate training before using electrotherapy in clinical practice.

Our electro acupuncture machines can also be used for TENS. All of our machines and devices meet the CE mark requirements for use in the UK and Europe.

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AS SUPER 4 digital needle stimulator

AS SUPER 4 digital belongs to the newest generation of acupuncture needle stimulator. Modern design, highest technology, various parameters are combined in one unit.

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ES-130 Palm size, 3 Channel Electroacupuncture Machine

ES-130 now replaces the IC-1107+ which is no longer available.

A handy palm-sized acupuncture apparatus with subminiature construction which provides the smallest electro-acupuncture unit in the market.

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