Portable Flexible Aluminium Tilting Table

Portable Flexible Aluminium Tilting Table

This all new aluminium is an exceptionally strong and light weight portable table. Offering immense flexibility with its 7 second set up time, one touch height control and 10 position 75% lifting head section. A slimline but strong table, it has a 4 leg cable suspension system, making it ideal for sports massage, taking large clients without fuss. Whilst its comfort and portability gives a mobile therapist all the tools they need.


  • Set up in 7 seconds
  • Easy access at either end
  • 14.5Kgs net weight
  • 26" width
  • 26-32" height adjustment
  • 226Kg (500lb working weight)
  • 2" Therafoam padding
  • Available in White and Navy
  • Carry case included
  • Perfect proportions: Length 73" (185cm) Width 25" (62cm)

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