Portable Flexible Aluminium Tilting Table PLUS

Portable Flexible Aluminium Tilting Table PLUS

Ideal for the mobile therapist.

This is an exceptionally strong and light weight portable aluminium table. Offering immense flexibility with its 7 second set up time, one touch height control and 10 position 75% lifting head section. A slimline but strong table, it has a 4 leg cable suspension system, making it ideal for sports massage, taking large clients without fuss. Whilst its comfort and portability gives a mobile therapist all the tools they need.

The added feature of the face cradle and armrest increases the length of the table by 12". This positions the shoulder muscles at the end of the couch and presents the rotator cuff muscles to the optimum position for massage.

Available in two colours: White and Navy.


  • Set up in 7 seconds
  • Easy access at either end
  • 73" Length
  • 16Kgs net weight
  • 25" width
  • 23-32" height adjustment
  • 226Kg (500lb working weight)
  • 2" Therafoam padding
  • Available in White and Navy
  • Carry case included
  • Perfect proportions: Length 73" (185cm) Width 25" (62cm)

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