Zen Ryhthm Kucheng Performace VII

Zen Ryhthm Kucheng Performace VII

Kucheng, a long-history traditional plucking instrument in China. It was invented in around 231 B.C.. Owing to its long history and widely prevalence, the exquisite skillful art of kucheng features not only in its variety and gracefulness, but also its fusing with regional folk music.

Through the beautiful Buddhist music collected in this album, a scenery of sacred monasteries sitting tranquilly in spiritual mountains is presented in front of all listeners. The profound rhythm played by kucheng, fused with brisk tones of the music synthesizer, leads us to appreciate-with our heart-the cloud drifting, streams running and temple bells ringing. These tunes not only depict the beauty of the great nature, but moreover lead the meditative spirit inside our hearts.

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