Ba Duan Jin Music (Martial Arts Music for Physical Fitness)

Ba Duan Jin Music (Martial Arts Music for Physical Fitness)

So named because of its eight-part movements, Ba-duan-jin is a traditional style of martial arts dedicated exclusively to the enhancement of personal well-being. This exercise is easy to learn, yet it can work wonders for a stiff neck and shoulders and an unbalanced system of inner organs. For this very reason, it enjoys a popularity among the Chinese people since as long ago as the Shui (581 - 618 A. D.) and Tang (618 - 907 A. D.) dynasties. The renowned producer WANG Xu-dong makes three parts of music for the three styles of Ba-duan-jin: regular, sitting, and reclining styles. Exercising with the accompanying music is an enjoyment itself. The smoothly running melody will lead you through the exercise in a more enjoyable way; it sure will make the road to fitness much easier for you.

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