Thermal Design Power (TDP) lamps are far infrared heating devices used to accelerate natural healing processes. Far infrared (below visible light spectrum) emissions are thought to penetrate deeply into the body, increasing microcirculation and thus delivering more oxygen and nutrients to injured cells while eliminating cellular waste. They are increasingly used in acupuncture clinics in China and throughout the world to support acupuncture treatment or to replace moxibustion where the patient or practitioner is sensitive to moxa smoke and/or there is inadequate ventilation. The lamp which is used ar a distance from the skin (approximately twelve inches) deeply heats the area being treated without causing burning. It is commonly used on the upper or lower abdomen or back, in combination with needling, for cold and deficient patterns, or on painful areas in the case of injuries, bi syndrome (rheumatic and arthritic conditions) etc.

AcuLamp TDP infrared Heat Lamp Single Head (Large)

AcuLamp a new generation in TDP heat lamps.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new TDP heat lamp, designed to our specification from feedback from practitioners. This all new lamp has many improvements over the standard and somewhat unreliable TDP heat lamps currently on the market.

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Replacement lamp head for AcuLamp 7" single head

Replacement head for AcuLamp 7" single head.

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TDP Heat Lamp Desk Top Model .

This small portable unit with a sturdy base, is ideal for use in confined areas. It is designed to be placed on a desk, not a treatment table, and may be suitable for a patient in a seated position.

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