The bodyCushion was developed by a massage practitioner to maximise his clients' comfort. Originally the bodyCushion didn't even have a name, however, its exceptional comfort created demand for the product now known as the bodyCushion.

By its obvious merits, the bodyCushion has made its way through the healing arts. It is used as a body positioner for soft tissue work, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, acute/post-acute care, rehab, surgery and post-op. It is used for pregnancy relief and massage, eye surgery, for the convalescent elderly to prevent bed sores, as an adjunctive tool for pain management, for back problems that are relieved due to unloading effects of positioning, fibromyalgia treatment, relaxation massage, and sun bathing.

The bodyCushion is therapeutic, affording decompression of joints and relaxation of muscles. The bodyCushion allows gravity to become a modality, enhancing a variety of treatments and thereby optimising therapy outcomes.

The bodyCushion's components are made of varying densities of the highest quality orthopaedic foam.

4 Piece Body Cushion Set

The 4-piece bodyCushion includes:

Face Support (A)

Chest Support (B)

Pelvic Support (C)

Leg Support (D)

Plus detailed, printed instructions that explain and portray the use of the bodyCushion.

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BakPac for Body Cushion set

Compact and lightweight bakPak allows you to be on the go with the 4-piece bodyCushion. Generous zippered front pocket provides extra storage for hand tools, towels, etc. Clips top and bottom for optional Clip-on Totes.

Available in Black

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Breast Protector Set

Add the breast protector to your body Cushion to provide optimal face-down comfort for large breasts, augmentations, surgery recovery and prenatal clients. The breast protector (shown on the left) simply replaces the body Cushion Chest Support when needed.

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