Tui Na for Soft - Tissue Injuries of the shoulder DVD

Tui Na for Soft - Tissue Injuries of the shoulder DVD

Professor Gu Yihuang

Shoulder injury is a common reason patients seek Chinese medical care. Whether due to sports injuries,work or the wear and tear of life,. soft-tissue may produce significant and lasting discomfort. Tui Na is one of the most effective therapies for soft-tissue injuries of the shoulder, but thus far few English teaching materials have adequately covered the topic. This DVD:

  • Provides extensive detail of clinical diagnostic techniques as well as clinical manifestations.
  • Includes both Chinese medical and biomedical perspectives.
  • Introduces effective treatments for a wide variety of conditions including: bursitis, tendonitis, synovitis, and calcification.
  • Includes basic as well as advanced Tui Na treatment techniques.

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AuthorProfessor Gu Yihuang
PublisherPeople's Medical Publishing House
Book FormatDVD

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