Acupuncture Techniques 1: Filiform Needle Techniques DVD

Acupuncture Techniques 1: Filiform Needle Techniques DVD

Professor Xu Hengze

This DVD program demonstrates a wide range of acupuncture techniques. As a basic video covering virtually all the major acupuncture methods, this video is not only an essential foundation for any student, but also an important teaching tool for advanced practitioners.

  • Gives a comprehensive overview of fundamental techniques and advanced techniques, along with material on preparation and cautions. This video is a fantastic tool for all practitioners seeking to expand their skills
  • .Clearly demonstrates needling manipulation, including: lifting and thrusting, twirling, flying scraping, quivering and many more techniques.
  • Provides a thorough discussion and illustration of proper supplementation and drainage needling methods. Includes Such advanced techniques a Penetration-heavan Coolness, Burning Mountain Fire, Bluegreen Draggon Wagging its Tail and White Tiger Shaking it's Head.

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AuthorProfessor Xu Hengze
PublisherPeople's Medical Publishing House
Book FormatDVD

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