Natural Medicine For Children

Natural Medicine For Children

Julian Scott

This newly repackaged compendium of welcome remedies is designed for parents seeking natural health treatments for their children. Dr. Julian Scott demystifies the world's best-known alternative health therapies, from acupuncture to massage, from herbal medicines to homeopathy, and describes safe, drug-free remedies and treatments for a host of childhood ailments.


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General chapters
o The concept of energy
o Building a healthy constitution
o Childhood disease patterns
o Seasonal factors in disease
o Infections and immunisations
o Breastfeeding and weaning
o A healthy diet
o Herbal medicine
o Herbal materia medica
o Homoeopathy and tissue salts
o Homoeopathy materia medica
o Tissue salts materia medica
o Bach remedies
o Indications for Bach remedies
o Massage
o Individual massage techniques

o Fevers
o Fits o Colds
o Adenoids o Coughs
o Asthma
o Hay fever and rhinitis
o Sore throats and tonsillitis
o Red and sore eyes and conjunctivitis
o Earaches and otitis
o Measles
o Mumps
o Rubella
o Chickenpox
o Whooping cough
o Breastfeeding problems


AuthorJulian Scott
PublisherHarper Paperbacks
Number Of Pages191
Book FormatSoftback

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