Zang Fu - The Organ Systems Of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2nd Edition)

Zang Fu - The Organ Systems Of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2nd Edition)

J. Ross

A thorough exposition of the thory of the zangfu (internal organ systems) in Chinese medicine.


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JCM Review

This is a very complete and comprehensive textbook on the zangfu -the heart of the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The book is presented in four parts.

In the first, the background to the theory of the zang fu is laid out. There is a brief analysis of the differences between the conceptual basis of Chinese and Western medicine, a definition of some of the main terms and ideas used in TCM, and an overview of the theories of the Causes of Disease and the differentiation According to the Eight Principles.

Part Two covers each of the zang fu in turn, listing first the functions and then all the syndromes or patterns in great detail, and forms the largest section of the book. In part Three, the interrelations of the zang fu are considered, with particular emphasis on disharmonies involving more than one organ. The final part, 'Clinical practice', includes a number of valuable case histories.

The material in this book is meticulously presented and it deserves to be widely used as a basic textbook for students and practitioners of acupuncture and TCM.


THE ORGAN SYSTEMS OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Second edition J. Ross Churchill Livingstone 1985, hardback, 280 pages, '40.00 Introduction xi
List of Chinese Words xiv

Part 1 The Background

1 Chinese and Western Thought
Patterns of Change 3
Interrelationship 4
Analysis and Synthesis 4
Yin Yang 5
Structure and Function 6
Precision and Ambiguity 7
Harmony and Disharmony 7
Summary 7

2 The Framework
Substances 9
Jing Luo 9
Zang Fu 11
Tissues 11
Summary 11

3 Substances
The Five Substances and their Functions 12
Yin Yang and the Substances 13
Formation of the Substances 14
Ambiguities 17
Patterns of Disharmony of the Substances 20
Further Ambiguities 21
Summary 24

4 Origins of Disease
Origins of Disease 25
Disease Factors 27
External Factors 27
Internal Factors 40
Miscellaneous Factors 40
Summary 44

Patterns of Disease
Terminology 45
Classification of Patterns of Disease 45
Patterns of Disharmony of the Eight Principles 46
Combinations of the Patterns of the Eight Principles 27
Apparent Contradictions 55
Qualifications of the Eight Principles Classification 56
Common Disease Patterns 57
Summary 57

Part 2 Zang Fu

6 Zang Fu
Origins of Confusion 61
The Twelve Zang Fu 63
Zang and Fu 63
Zang Fu Pairs 64
Summary 64

7 Shen (Kidneys) and Pang Guang (Bladder)
Functions 65
Patterns of Disharmony
Deficient Shen Jing 72
Deficient Shen Yang 73
Deficient Shen Yin 76
Summary 78

Pang Guang
Functions 80
Patterns of Disharmony 80
Damp Heat In Pang Guang 80

8 Pi (Spleen) and Wei (Stomach)

Functions 83
Fluids, Damp and Phlegm 84
Patterns of Disharmony 85
Deficient Pi Qi 86
Deficient Pi Yang 88
Inability of Pi to Govern Xue 89
Sinking of Pi Qi 90
Invasion of Pi by Cold & Damp 90
Damp Heat Accumulates in Pi 92
Turbid Phlegm Disturbs the Head 93
Summary 94

Functions 96
Patterns of Disharmony 96
Retention of Fluid in Wei due to Cold 97
Retention of Food in Wei 98
Deficient Wei Yin 98
Blazing Wei Fire 99
Other Wei Disharmonies 99
Summary 100

9 Gan (Liver) and Dan (Gall Bladder)

Functions 101
Patterns of Disharmony 103
Depression of Gan Qi 105
Deficient Gan Xue 107
Hyperactive Gan Yang 109
Blazing Gan Fire 112
Stirring of Gan Wind 113
Damp Heat in Gan and Dan 118
Stagnation of Cold in Gan Jing Luo 119
Summary 120

Functions 121
Patterns of Disharmony 121

10 Xin (Heart) and Xino Chang (Small Intestine)

Functions 122
Patterns of Disharmony 124
Deficient Xin Qi 125
Deficient Xin Yang 125
Stagnant Xin Xue 128
Deficient Xin Xue 129
Deficient Xin Yin 130
Blazing Xin Fire 131
Phlegm Fire Agitating Xin 132
Cold Phlegm Misting Xin 133
Summary 134

Xiao Chang
Functions 136
Patterns of Disharmony 136
Obstructed Xiao Chang Qi 136
Excess Heat in Xiao Chang 136

11 Fei (Lungs) and Da Chang (Large Intestine)

Functions 138
Patterns of Disharmony 140
Deficient Fei Qi 142
Deficient Fei Yin 143
Dryness of Fei 144
Invasion of Fei by Wind 144
Retention of Phlegm in Fei 146
Summary 147

Da Chang
Functions 149
Patterns of Disharmony 149
Intestinal Abscess 149
Damp Heat Invading Da Chang 150
Constipation and Diarrhoea 150
Summary 151

12 Xin Bao (Pericardium) and San Jiao (Triple Burner)

Xin Bao
Functions 152
Patterns of Disharmony 152

San Jiao
San Jiao as the Three Divisions of the Body 153
San Jiao as the Fu System 154
San Jiao as the Jing Luo 158
San Jiao as the San Jiao Points
Treatment of San Jiao Disharmonies 159
Summary 159

13 Review of the Five Zang
Functions 162
Interrelationships of the Main Zang Functions 162
Origins of Patterns of Disharmony 163

Part 3 Interrelationships

14 Zang Fu Interrelationships
Yin Yang 169
Substances 170
Pathology of the Substances 171
Jing Luo 172
Tissues 172
Zang Fu 178
Zang Fu and the Origins of Disease 179
Summary 182

15 Emotions
Emotions and Behaviour 183
Classification of the Emotions 184
The Five Feelings and the Five Zang 185
The Five Feelings and the Five Phases 187
Emotions and Yin Yang 188
Emotions and Substances 188
Emotions and Jing Luo 189
Mental Faculties and Emotions 190
Clinical Importance of Emotional Disharmony 190
Treatment of Emotional Disharmony 191
Treatment of Severe Mental Illness 192
Summary 194

16 Disharmonies Involving More than One Zang

Disharmonies of Two Zang Together 195
Disharmonies of Three or More Zang Together 201
Interrelationships in Some Common Disease Patterns 207
Summary 210

Part 4 Clinical Practice

17 Clinical Methods
Diagnosis 214
Treatment 221
Education of the Patient 225
Sequence of Clinical Procedures 230
Summary 233

18. Case Histories
Chronic Otitis Media 234
Tinnitus and Balance 235
Angina Pectoris 236
Chest Pain 238
Urticaria and Stomach Pain 240
Back, Shoulder, Breasts and Respiratory System 242
Debility and Insomnia 244
Arthritis and Stress 246
Summary 249

19 Conclusion
Review 250
General 251
Teaching TCM 251

Appendix: List of Zang Fu Functions and Disharmonies 254255

Bibliography 256
Index 258


AuthorJ. Ross
PublisherChurchill Livingstone
Number Of Pages280
Book FormatSoftback

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