The Two Dragons of Dim Mak: Pressure Point Techniques for Healing & Martial Arts

The Two Dragons of Dim Mak: Pressure Point Techniques for Healing & Martial Arts

Dr. Pier-Tsui-Po

The Two Dragons of Dim Mak reveals how Dim Mak Pressure Points used in the martial arts can also heal illness and save life. Also known as Dian Xue or cavity press, Dim Mak is a traditional martial art technique of Chinese origin, where specific points on the body are struck for self defence purposes. Damage to these points causes blockage in the flow of an attacker's underlying energetic system, throwing the body into chaos and resulting in serious ilness or even death. On the other hand, when these points are used to heal the body, they vigorously contribute to better health, wellbeing and longevity. The powerful curative properties of these special points are incomparable. Dr. Pier Tsui-Po (PhD) is the Grandmaster of the Golden Lion Academy. He is a world authority on Dim Mak pressure points for health and self defence. He reveals to you clearly and precisely, how and why dim mak pressure points work. An experienced acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and martial arts master with over 38 years of experience, he offers his vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts to students and teachers alike.


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AuthorDr. Pier-Tsui-Po
PublisherGolden Lion Academy
Number Of Pages212
Book FormatSoftback

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