A Study of Daoist Acupuncture

A Study of Daoist Acupuncture

Liu Zheng-cai

This book is an introduction to the specifically Daoist contributions to the practice of acupuncture and moxibustion. It begins with an overview of Daoism’s contributions to Chinese medical theory and then goes on to present the biographies of numerous famous Daoist doctors. A large part of this book describes various systems of choosing and forbidding points based on timing. These include the Eightfold Spiritual Turtle Method, the Eightfold Soaring Method, and the Midnight-Midday Ebb & Flow Method. In addition, there are sections on longevity and first aid moxibustion, Ma Dan-yang’s Twelve Star Points, and secret Daoist points for the treatment of various diseases.


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Book One: Introduction
Chapter 1: Daoism & Chinese Medicine
Chapter 2: Biographies of Famous Daoist Doctors
Chapter 3: Daoist Philosophy & the Nei Jing
Chapter 4: How Daoist Acupuncture Techniques Became the Common Knowledge of Chinese Medicine

Book Two: The Basic Theories of Daoist Acupuncture
Chapter 1: Tai Ji & Yin Yang
Chapter 2: The Yellow River chart & Luo River Inscription
Chapter 3: The Nine Palaces & Eight Trigrams
Chapter 4: Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches & the Cycle of 60 Stem-Branch Pairs
Chapter 5: The Five Movements & Six Qi

Book Three: Daoist Needling & Moxibustion Methods
Chapter 1: Special Needling & Moxibustion Techniques
Chapter 2: Special Methods of Point Selection
Chapter 3: Time-based Prohibitions to Acumoxatherapy

Book Four: The Timing of Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Chapter 1: Midday-midnight Point Selection
Chapter 2: Eightfold Method of the Sacred Tortoise
Chapter 3: The Soaring Eightfold Method

Book Five: Life-nourishing & Emergency Acupuncture-moxibustion
Chapter 1: Life-nourishing Moxibustion
Chapter 2: Emergency Acumoxatherapy

Book Six: Secret Daoist Acumoxa Methods
Chapter 1: Fine Jade True Person's Secret Tips
Chapter 2: The Eleven & Twelve Heavenly Star Points
Chapter 3: Two True Persons & One Immortal's Songs on Treating Disease




AuthorLiu Zheng-cai
PublisherBlue Poppy Press
Number Of Pages260
Book Formatpaperback


Needling open points in combination with empirically proven points

Long-term clinical experience has proven that some acupoints are specifically effective for certain diseases. Therefore, sometimes it is advantageous to combine such empirically effective points with other points selected by the eightfold sacred tortoise method. This method of combining points often achieves better results than either method of point selection alone.

Garcia was a 50 year old male. The patient had suffered from sciatica for three years. In the last three months, his condition had become quite serious. On Feb. 17, 1995, the patient came for treatment at 10 AM. He walked with difficulty and was unable to straighten his back or squat down. It was the si watch when the point Shen Mai (Bl 62) was open. For that reason, the practitioner needled this point in combination with Hou Xi (SI 3). However, he also added Huan Tiao (GB 30) and the lower burner area according to ear acupuncture. Both these points are specially effective for sciatica. The needles were retained for 20 minutes and twisted every five minutes. As soon as the needles were removed, the patient reported that he felt his pain much relieved. He was able to freely stand up, squat down, and straighten his back. This patient was quite voluble in claiming that this acupuncture was incredibly wonderful.

This method of combining points known for their empirically proven efficacy for certain conditions with points selected by the ling gui ba fa is a good alternative for very obstinate cases that refuse to yield to simpler methods of point selection.

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