Gentle Needle DVD

Gentle Needle DVD

Julian Scott

This is an introduction to needle technique, It is based on a special child-friendly technique that I was taught by my teacher Zhang Caiyun including

  • Tonifying and dispersing,
  • Directing Qi
  • Description of Xu and Shi children
  • Practical advice on how to cope with children crying

It finishes with video clips of actual treatments

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Introduction : Needle technique : Locating the points : Inserting the Needle : Arrival of Qi : Tonification, dispersion : Moving the Qi


Retaining the needle, closing the hole : Using Moxa on Children : Other techniques : Hyperactive, Nervous, Frightened children : Strong and Weak conditions : Some pictures : Hyperactive Spleen Qi Xu : Clips of Treatments


AuthorJulian Scott
Book FormatDVD

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