Chinese Herbal Legends 50 Stories for Understanding Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Legends 50 Stories for Understanding Chinese Herbs

Zhu Zhong-Bao

This book takes advantage of the long-standing Chinese approach to aiding memorization using stories and songs. Each of the herbs included in this small, pocket-sized tome is among those most use in the People's Republic of China. Each medicinal is presented with a colour photograph of the substance in its collected (raw, unprocessed) form. There is also a colour photograph of the substance, as it would appear in a quality Chinese pharmacy. Materia medica information is also included: Names, English and pharmaceutical; Nature and Flavour, Channels Entered, Actions, Indications, and Dosage and Administration. The book is essentially a pocket materia medica.

After the materia medica information, the story associated with the herb is told in plain language. The English of this new P.M.P.H. series is better than what you may have been accustomed to in PRC publications. The stories are readable and provide insights into the name or use of each medicinal. At the end of the story the stroke order construction of the characters for the medicinal are displayed in the "fill-in the boxes" style by which native Chinese speakers learn stroke order.

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AuthorZhu Zhong-Bao
Publication Date01/10/2006
PublisherPeople's Medical Publishing House
Number Of Pages247
Book FormatSoftback

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