A Research Synthesis: Diagnosis and Treatment of Infantile Cerebral Palsy for Rehabilitation Medicine

A Research Synthesis: Diagnosis and Treatment of Infantile Cerebral Palsy for Rehabilitation Medicine

Guo Xinzhi

The book is composed of 14 chapters. The definition of infantile Cerebral Palsy, prevention, classification, concept and understanding of Cerebral Palsy (Traditional Chinese Medicine) are introduced systematically. Besides, the modern therapies like Bobath, Voita are presented in detail. This book mainly discusses the treatments of Cerebral Palsy, for example, acupuncture, massage therapy, acupoint block therapy, head and foot reflexology and Chinese herbal medication therapy. You can also find the comprehensive concept of rehabilitation in Cerebral Palsy, long distance rehabilitation through advanced information technology, implementation of mobile rehabilitation unit and medical rehabilitation in the book. Furthermore, early intervention and prevention at the preconception stage, pregnancy stage, prenatal stage and postnatal stage are presented. According to the different types of the Cerebral Palsy, the book offers different prescriptions in vented by Dr. Guo Xinzhi and the research group. The treatments have been awarded the prize of China Tri-Excellent Award, the Natural Medical Award, and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd class award at Shanxi Development of the Science. With plenty of vivid pictures, the specialized book is easy to understand.
This book is suitable for the specialists, institutes and hospitals in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the Cerebral Palsy and the relative officers in the government. It can also be used as the teaching material of the national & international training class. And it is a good reference book for the family members having a member afflicted by Cerebral Palsy and the medical professional.

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Chapter One General Introduction
Chapter Two Neuropsychological Development in Infancy
Chapter Three Etiology of Cerebral Palsy
Chapter Four Classification and Manifestation of Cerebral Palsy
Chapter Fiver Accessory Examination
Chapter Six Diagnosis and Evaluation of Cerebral Palsy
Chapter Seven Evaluation of Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation
Chapter Eight Treatment of Cerebral Palsy (Western Medicine)
Chapter Nine Treatment of Cerebral Palsy (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Chapter Ten Treatment of Combined Syndromes in Cerebral Palsy Affliction (Western Medicine)
Chapter Eleven Treatment of Combined Syndromes in Cerebral Palsy Affliction (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Chapter Twelve Comprehensive Concept of Rehabilitation in Cerebral Palsy
Chapter Thirteen Orthopedic Surgery
Chapter Fourteen Early Intervention and Prevention


AuthorGuo Xinzhi
PublisherScience Press, Beijing
Number Of Pages308
Book FormatSoftback

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