• Method 1 Acupuncture and diet restriction
  • Method 2 Sudarshan Kriya (Information available on the net)

Method 1

Acupuncture was used to reduce uric acid in an undiagnosed and very bad case of gout in a woman of age 40. This woman went from Dr. to Dr. and even a hospital of great repute. No body diagnosed excess uric acid. All other tests were normal and she had a very bad erosion of both ankle joints. It was paining like needles being pricked. After listening and asking I discovered that she must be having excess uric acid in her blood. She had burning sensation in the stomach. When I removed the blood from her ankle joints it literally spurted out into vacuum cup applied to the ankle. This indicated wind in the blood. I then tested the serum uric acid which was 10.5 mg%. Uric acid is wind in the blood.


I decided to reduce the uric acid first by using only two points and gave her electrical stimulation.

  • Point SJ-6 was used for faster metabolism of uric acid.
  • Point L.I.-11 was used as an homeostatic point.

Twenty days daily treatment of twenty minutes with continuous frequency of 70 Hz was given.


  • Result Initial Uric acid - 10.5Mg %
  • Result after twenty days - 7.5 Mg%
  • Result after forty days - 5.7Mg%
  • All her pain killer medicines were stopped in the beginning itself.
  • Pain relief came after the second session.

Patient now will be treated for degenerative changes in the ankle region. The osteophytes have already softened. The patient is a vegetarian and I asked her to stop all other protein food.

Method 2

This patient had uric acid level of 6.5 Mg % and was very troubled due to itching and hot feeling in the body and urticaria. Since she did not take acupuncture, I asked her to try Sudarshan Kriya as taught by Shri Ravi Shankar. After finishing the kriya for three month her level of uric acid came down to 3.5Mg%. Although this is not connected with acupuncture I thought I would mention it as Qi Balancing has taken place. Since lungs controls the Qi and respiration, These kriya gives one accumulation of not only Qi but the essence also.

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