18 August 2010

I’ve landed. Everything seems to be the same since I’ve visited here 2 years ago.  The smell is the same, the Chinese past is still fast but harmonic in his unique way. Only the horrible humid is reminding  me my awful decision to come here in the pick of the summer, combining the long distance walking from place to place and the hot and spicy food, and you got yourself a great plan how to loose weight.

The Chinese people are very excited to see a foreigner here. Everyone looks at you, points at your way, and some who overcome their shyness says hello. If you ever wonder how is to feel like a rockstar, come here for one day.

The Chinese food is amazing, so tasty, smelly and colorful, but only if you say it write, otherwise you get things you didn’t order.  It takes some time until you find the basic dishes you like and you can live with that for few months. The food is very cheap, around 1.5$ USD  for a rich and full meal. Ofcourse that here in Sichuan they like their food very spicy, so it will be wise to ask only little spice in the dishes.

Finding apartment is very easy. You can sign here for a contract and move in, in few hours. The common apartment got living room, 1 bedroom, washing room and kitchen, very simple but enough for the short period I came for. The rent is around 1200 RMB for a month in a good neighborhood, which  equals to 180$.

That’s it for now, next week im starting practicing in the hospital. Looking forward to it!