5 October 2010

Before I came to the oncology department, I didn’t know what to expect. My impression was that its going to be tough experience for me to deal, after all, it’s a deadly disease specially here in china where you don’t have preventive check ups like most of the countries in the west have. People come to the doctor only when the symptoms are showing, and many time it’s too late. I’ve tried to divide the different people in the clinic into 3 groups:

  1. the people that lost the happiness in their life before and\or after they found they have cancer.
  2. the people that have positive thinking in their life before and\or after they found they have cancer.
  3. the people that don’t know they have cancer, according to the family request. – Very common here.

Then, I’ve looked forward to see the disease progress. With the help of my doctors experience I found out that the 2nd group has the most chance to survive the disease in the range of 5 years and more. The 3rd group usually survives  3-5 years.  Of course the first group has the fewest chance to survive. Most of them will die in the next few months up to 1-2 year. This information only confirms to me that a healthy “Shen” is a critical component in the fight with cancer.

So I'm 2 months already in this department and its not hard as I assumed. There is some “tearing the hair” moments when I see a young woman or man that come advise with the doctor about their husband’s or wife’s condition and the doctor tell them that he or she is going to die soon. I see their eyes getting wet but they don’t allow themselves to cry, they accept life and fate as it… in this moment I want to cry for them.