11 December 2010

“Dr. Liao”

I have met Dr. liao for the first time in my last visit here two years ago in a dinner party. My friends who invite me suggested that I ask from him to be his student.

I cant forget the first impression I got from him. His eyes is always  clear and have an innocent look as a small child. when he talk to you, his eyes gets this kind of glitter. He is much taller than the common old Chinese men, and look much much younger than his own age. And the best thing, he teaches himself to read and write in English which make the things much easier.

Dr. liao is what we call “street doctor”. He got a clinic on suburbs of the city, and all the people around the blocks is coming to get a treatment in acupuncture, medical herbs or tuina. He treats everybody with 100% of intention and care, no matter what is going on inside or outside the clinic. When a child is coming , Dr liao expose his big heart and starts to sing. He is doing it with so much joy!  Because his full passion when treating, It looks like it’s his first weeks in the clinic, but truly he is a doctor over 30 years already.

I can honestly say that he changed my mind. He erased all the borders that many teachers and books were building inside me over the years. He revived my abilities to look, to touch, to smell, to find the smallest sign and to be confident to make a diagnosis according it. From time to time he let me to ask the questions, make the diagnosis and write a formula. With his guides along this procedure I’ve succeed to minimize the way to the diagnosis, To see what is important and what is not.

Every night im leaving his clinic I say thank to god for giving me the opportunity of being his student.
I wish everyone could have a little Dr. Liao of their own…