Is Stimulation Of The Acupoint Neiguan P-6 Suitable Prophylaxis For Post-Operative Nausea And Vomiting Compared To Or In Combination With Current Pharmacological Prophylaxis?

Peter Trueman

Post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) affects up to two million patients annually in the UK alone. It causes severe mental and physical distress for those who suffer from it and increases healthcare costs. Pharmaceutical prophylactic anti-emetic agents, although effective, have potentially life-threatening side effects and are costly. Acupoint stimulation has been suggested as a cost-effective and safe method for combating the problem, either in conjunction with, or in place of, current pharmaceutical practices. Neiguan P-6 acupoint stimulation is as effective as single anti-emetic pharmacological prophylaxis and enhances the anti-emetic effects of pharmacological agents when used in combination. Neiguan P-6 prophylaxis can be recommended for universal use or as a first line anti-emetic for those at moderate risk. Neiguan P-6 stimulation can also be suggested for use in combination therapy for those patients at high risk.

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AuthorPeter Trueman

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