Clinical Applications of the 'Flying Channel and Circulating Qi' (Fei Jing Zou Qi) Needling Techniques

The ‘Flying Channel and Circulating Qi’ (Fei Jing Zou Qi) techniques encompass four methods of needle manipulation. They are classical approaches that were first recorded in the Ode to the Golden Needle (Jin Zhen Fu). These methods continue to hold their therapeutic value in acupuncture practice today as they successfully serve to obtain qi sensation and provide either reinforcing or reducing effects. This article discusses the functions, procedures and applications of the following four methods of needle manipulation: Green Dragon Swaying It’s Tail (Qing Long Bai Wei), White Tiger Shaking Its Head (Bai Hu Yao Tou), Green Tortoise Probing The Cave (Cang Gui Tan Xue) And Red Phoenix Meeting The Source (Chi Feng Ying Yuan).

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