• Positive Health Homepage
    Positive Health is the UK's definitive magazine in Complementary Medicine, with features covering all therapies including Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Asthma, Herbal and Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Massage, Nutrition, Reflexology, Yoga and Zero Balancing. It is published monthly in full colour. The website has been running from 1996 and attracts many thousand of visitors per month. It contains the complete text of the magazine (including back issues) for subscribers and a wide selection of articles open to anyone. And lots of links to related sites.
  • HealthWWWeb: Integrative Medicine, Natural Health and Alternative Therapies
    This a place to access health information as well as reference health organizations, medical institutions, training programs, professional publications, upcoming events and other related resources. In response to popular demand HealthWWWeb has recently introduce a Resource Guide featuring a directory of products and services.
  • IBIS, the Integrative BodyMind Information System® Drug-Herb and Drug-Nutrient Interactions database
    Over seven years ago IBIS was released as the most comprehensive data-base software package available in the field of natural medicine. In subsequent years several valuable Internat resources were developed to complement IBIS in both the professional and lay public arenas.
  • Menopause Symptom Relief
    General Site on Menopause related issues, with focus on natural remedies.
  • Onlinehealthresources.com
    General links site to biomedical and alternative medicine sites
  • A Midlife Crisis
    Advice on eating well, staying fit and working through difficulties associated with the ageing process.