• Taoism Information Page, World Wide Web Virtual Library
    This is one of the official World Wide Web Virtual and contains lots of links to Chinese philosophy Libraries sites on the web, with subjects like Taoism, FengShui, Confucianism, etc.
    Quality: Excellent Virtual Library
  • Clarity
    I Ching readings and resources
  • Qigong-southwest
    On this site you can find out about Qigong in the south west of England and beyond. They offer a range of Qigong experiences and training options from weekly evening and day classes, monthly day long workshops, week long residential retreats and summer camps. They teach the Huagong style developed by Master Zhixing Wang from Beijing.
  • Qigong Institute
    The Qigong institute is a non profit organization, which aims to serve the public through educational and research programs. They are producing the Qigong Database for the benefit scientists, teachers, medical professionals, and the public.
    Quality: Excellent Qigong library for professionals and laymen