Premium Hamper

Premium Hamper

Premium Tea Hamper

A collection of high grade teas from across the tea spectrum. From white through green and oolong to black and puerh, this selection shows the remarkable variety of fine Chinese tea.

The Piao i tea infuser is designed to allow quick and easy brewing, so tea can be reinfused several times.

50g White (Silver Needle, Yin Zhen)
50g Green (Dragonwell, Long Jing)
50g Green (Pouchong)
50g Oolong (Iron Buddha, Tie Guan Yin)
50g Red (Bai Ling Gong Fu)
50g Jasmine (Jasmine Pearls)
2008 Jing Mai Beeng cha (Cooked)
1 x 500ml Piao i tea infuser
4 x Porcelain tasting cups

Packed in a silver cardboard box with a magnetic lid


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