Oolong Tea Taster Pack

Oolong Tea Taster Pack

This is a great way to start exploring the huge range of flavours among the oolong teas. The Ali Shan is an exceptionally soft and refreshing tea from Taiwan. Tie Guan Yin is a rolled, semi oxidized tea with floral notes. Mi Lan Dan Cong is a skillfully processed, aromatic tea with hints of honey and orchid and Da Hong Pao is a deep, satisfying, fully-rounded tea with cocoa undertones. They are all outstanding teas and will excite anyone new to tea as well as the aficionado.

This pack contains 10g of the following whole leaf teas:
Ali Shan high mountain oolong from Taiwan and Gold Award winner
Mi Lan Dan Cong 2010 Great Taste Award winner
Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe, dark and toasty
Tie Guan Yin Iron Buddha, Soft and fruity.


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