Jasmine Tea Taster Pack

Jasmine Tea Taster Pack

Authentic jasmine tea is hard to find - but you’re in the right place here. These jasmine teas have been infused only with fresh flowers so they have a soft, creamy flavour with delicate honeyed notes. Cheaper, inferior jasmine teas are sprayed with a synthetic perfume and have none of the subtlety. These Jasmine Pearls win gold at the Great Taste Awards every year and eclipse nearly all other jasmine teas in the UK (and China!). This pack contains 10g of the two whole leaf teas and two handcrafted bulbs of each Flowering Tea : Jasmine Silver Needle Jasmine Yin Zhen: soft young tea buds infused with fresh jasmine blossoms Jasmine Pearls Great Taste Award-winning tea Golden Glow Flowering Tea bulbs (Silver Needle, Jasmine, Globe Amaranth and Marigold) Secret Heart Flowering Tea bulbs (Silver Needle, Jasmine, Globe Amaranth and Lily)


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