Mixed Tea Taster Pack

Mixed Tea Taster Pack

The perfect introduction to fine tea or a treat for the committed tea lover, this pack features six fine teas across the tea spectrum. These teas are all good examples of their type and show how different growing and processing methods result in a huge diversity of colour, flavour and aroma profiles. From light and delicate Silver Needle to rich Bai Lin Gong Fu, these teas all deliver great flavour and character in the cup. The pack includes 10g each of the following:

Tie Guan Yin: The classic 'Iron Buddha' Oolong
Pouchong: Lovely soft green tea from Taiwan
Bai Lin Gong Fu: award winning black tea from Fujian
Jasmine Pearls: infused with natural jasmine petals
Silver Needle: soft young tea buds picked and dried in the sun
2007 Lincang Puerh: delicious aged cooked loose puerh


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