Oriental Beauty Gift Tin

Oriental Beauty Gift Tin

This very special oolong tea is known for its highly aromatic flavour that carries citrus notes. But. like all other oolongs, the light oxidation serves to soften the freshness of the leaves and the tea finishes smoothly and is very refreshing. Oriental Beauty has a dedicated following among tea aficionados and is famed for its unusual growing process: a story of man and insect in symbiosis. Farmers nurture their tea bushes and then, just before the harvest, they rely on these little crickets- or tea jassids to emerge and start eating the young new season leaves. This kicks off a reaction in the plant and it releases an enzyme to defend itself from further attack. Also the nibbled edges of the leaves start to oxidise . Just the top nibbled leaves of the tea bush are picked, so the tea comprises a beautiful mix of small dark green and golden brown leaves and some pale silvery tips. Only available in a 50g Gift Tin.


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