Self Fillable Tea Pockets (Bag of 50)

Self Fillable Tea Pockets (Bag of 50)

Each paper pocket allows you to brew loose leaf tea like a conventional teabag. Fill the pocket with a spoonful of your favourite leaf tea, fold the cuff over the top to seal in the leaves, and brew in a cup or pot. . Tea Pockets are disposable, biodegradable, bleach free, adhesive free and have no paper taste. Tips for using Tea Pockets: One Tea Pocket is ideal for a mug or a small teapot. Do not overfill the bag; you need to allow room for the water to circulate. When using a large teapot (more than 600 ml), just use more than 1 bag. To seal the Tea Pocket, flip the cuff (on the outside of the bag) up-and-over the opening and smooth flat to seal. When the bag gets wet, the material will naturally stick together, keeping even the smallest tea leaves out of your infusion. The string allows for easy removal of the bag after steeping. You can either use the string to hold the bag in place by looping it over the handle of your mug or teapot, or use it like a traditional teabag and detach the string from one side to hang over the side of your cup.


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