Large Bamboo Tea Tray

Large Bamboo Tea Tray

Made from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on earth, this remarkably versatile, sustainable and tough material is used for floors, scaffolding and crafted into practical and attractive utensils - such as this large, slatted tray.

This traditional tea tray makes a great addition to your tea-making kit. The slatted top fits neatly on a box base so no more concerns about spillages or drips - especially if you make tea near your computer.

Strong, simple and practical for brewing and serving Chinese tea in the traditional gong fu style. That is, use plenty of leaves in a small (Glass or Yixing) teapot and after steeping, pour out the liquor in a smooth circular motion over small tasting cups on the tea tray. Some of the tea will spill onto the tray, go through the slats and be caught in the bottom section. A simple way to keep your kitchen surface or desktop clean and dry however you make and pour your tea.

Size: 39cm x 29cm x 6cm


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