Acupuncture for Body, Mind and Spirit

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Written by one of the UK's leading practitioners, this authoritative and accessible introduction to acupuncture reveals everything you need to know before you step into the acupuncture clinic. It includes:

  •  how acupuncture goes beyond quick cures and is used as preventative medicine

  •   the origins and theory behind Chinese medicine and acupuncture

  •   the differences between diagnosis in acupuncture and Western medicine

  • what to expect in the treatment room and how acupuncture will help you.

Comparing acupuncture with Western medicine and demonstrating how the two are complementary, Peter Mole provides answers to the questions most frequently asked by acupuncture patients, prospective patients, prospective students and people who have simply heard about acupuncture and want to know more.

'Peter Mole has written a perfect introduction to acupuncture for anyone interested in understanding its ancient origins, principles, methods and why it is still a potent therapy relevant for people in the 21st century. With its clear structure and accessible language, this book is an ideal introduction for anyone planning to have acupuncture. I would readily recommend it to any of my patients considering acupuncture treatment to inspire confidence and to dispel any misconceptions about this profound system of medicine.'
- Dr Clare Stephenson, General Practitioner, Oxford, UK and author of The Complementary Therapist's Guide to Clinical Medicine

'For students and anyone considering treatment or undergoing acupuncture, this book is a must-read. For students, this overview make study more meaningful. For patients, understanding the process of treatment makes the experience richer.'
- John Hicks, PhD, Joint Principal and Co-Founder of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading, UK

'This book is a fascinating and detailed exploration of the philosophy, principles, and practice of acupuncture. Punctuated with cases and enriched with quotes from ancient texts, the book reveals why this ancient system of medicine remains effective and relevant for those seeking health of mind, body and spirit today.'
- Lynn Walmsley, doctor of Western Medicine, Bristol, UK

Preface. 1. What is traditional acupuncture? How is it different from Western medicine? 2. The philosophical basis of Chinese medicine. The dao, yin/yang and the Five Elements. 3. The Twelve Organs and channels. 4. The causes of disease. 5. How does an acupuncturist make a diagnosis and decide on a treatment? 6. What should I expect from acupuncture treatment? 7. Acupuncture: past, present and future. Appendix A. Appendix B.

More Information
Author Peter Mole
Publication Date 1 Sep 2014
Publisher Singing Dragon
Number of Pages 160
Book Format Softcover
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