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Auricular needles & accessories

Auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture is a microsystem that has evolved from the belief that the ear resembles a foetus and that certain points on the ear correspond with internal organs or anatomical regions. A contemporary approach, ear acupuncture was founded on observations and research by a French Physician Dr Paul Nogier in the 1950s. Additionally, there are references to ear acupuncture in some Chinese texts resulting in the emergence of two systems commonly referred to as Chinese and French ear or auricular acupuncture.

Acudetox is an ear acupuncture protocol developed in the USA by Dr Michael O. Smith in the 1970s, which uses five points in the ear to bring about physiological changes to help in all stages of recovery from alcohol and other drug dependencies.

As the ear tissue is predominantly cartilage, it is important to have the right acupuncture needles for quick and painless insertion and to minimise bleeding on withdrawal. In this section of our website you will find everything you need to administer ear acupuncture safely in private practice or community health settings.