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Ear Candling

This is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations. It is believed that the Ancient Greeks used ear candles, initially probably for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual basis, but much later on a purely physical basis. However, the practice reached the modern world via the native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona (it's interesting to note that Hopi means peaceful people). Ear candles were used traditionally by Shamen healers. Ancient wall paintings show their importance in initiation rituals and healing ceremonies of the tribe. The candles are still made today on the basis of the old traditional formula originating from the Hopi Indians.

Biosun Ear Candle

Biosun Ear Candle

Impregnated with Honey, Sage and Camomile, Calms the mind, soothes head and ears, relaxes naturally, releases new energies. Biosun Ear candles are certified medical products according to EC guidelines 93/42.

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