Acupuncture Techniques 2: Additional Needling Techniques DVD

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This DVD program demonstrates a wide range of supplementary acupuncture needling techniques, such as the use of three-edged needles, cutaneous needles, intradermal needles, electro-acupuncture and point injection therapy.

  • The use of three edge needles for bloodletting is an important technique for such difficult to treat problems as pain and tinea, as well for emergency treatment of acute conditions. Various methods of bloodletting are clearly demonstrated, and will aid any practitioners in reaching a higher level of proficiency.

  • Cutaneous needling is used for many conditions. The difference between plum-blossom needles, seven-star needles, and Luo Han needles are clearly explained, and safe needling methods are demonstrated.

  • Intradermal oe embedded needling is excellent for treating stubborn and chronic diseases. Any practitioner would benefit from the detailed information given about the wheat grain and press tack methods.

  • Point injection therapy, of particular interest to a growing number of practitioners, is also demonstrated. This video provides a clearly detailed demonstration of safe and proper techniques, as well as suggestions for injectable substances.

  • Electroacupuncture, or electrical stimulation of acupuncture needles, is a clinically important technique for treating many kinds of musculoskeletal disorders. A detailed presentation of the usages of the different types of electroacupuncture is presented. Practitioners will be able to expand their use of this important method.

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Author Professor Xu Hengze
Publisher People's Medical Publishing House
Book Format DVD
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