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Bagua Daoyin: A Unique Branch of Daoist Learning - a Secret Skill of the Palace

Bagua Daoyin: A Unique Branch of Daoist Learning - a Secret Skill of the Palace

Bagua Daoyin emphasizes the perception and training of muscles (jin), bones (gu) and skin (pi), and combines elements of fitness, martial arts and medical science in order to promote harmony and balance in the body and mind.

Master He, a fifth generation practitioner of the BaguaQuan line, sets out a programme of study underpinned by theory. He explains the development of Bagua Daoyin from a refinement of Daoist studies into a method of training the body and mind in which every external movement is echoed in the inner tissue of the body. Bagua Daoyin opens up the joints of the body and relaxes the muscles, encouraging an awareness of the body and posture at all times. With simple body movements, one can channel the hidden flow of Qi, or energy, and blood, giving a new lease of life to zones of the body that have lost their vitality and promoting a sense of tranquillity.

This fully illustrated guide to Bagua Daoyin will be essential reading for Bagua and Tai Chi practitioners at all levels, students of martial arts and anyone interested in Chinese culture.

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Introduction. Chapter 1. By Opening the Art's Portal You Enter the Mysterious Gate of the Body. Chapter 2. Bagua Daoyin, the Guiding Principle of Bagua. Chapter 3. Interview with Master He Jinghan. Chapter 4. Paying for Life with Life - the Master's Apprentice Years. Chapter 5. Understanding Intuitively. Chapter 6. Things You Ought to Avoid when Exercising. Chapter 7. Give me Fast Food or Else I Won't Talk With You - The Contemporary Concept of Health. Chapter 8. To Love Others You Must First Love Yourself: To Love Yourself You Must Love Your Body. Chapter 9. Finding Your Centre. Chapter 10. Opening Up the Body's Unobstructed Space. Chapter 11. Don't Use Your Feet Just to Walk - Teaching You to Make Your Body as Light as a Swallow. Chapter 12. Relax, Do Not Collapse. Chapter 13. The Sexual Function is the Natural Manifestation of Bodily Health. Chapter 14. Menopause - Grasp Your Second Youth. Chapter 15. Everything Comes from the Body - Entering Tranquillity through Movement. Chapter 16. The Song of Martial Arts - the Form. Chapter 17. Shape, Potential Force and Spirit in Posture. Chapter 18. Between Yin and Yang. Chapter 19. SixiangQuan. Chapter 20. The Melody of the Flow - BazhangQuan. Chapter 21. A Master's Confession. Chapter 22. A Brief Account of Ancient BaguaQuan Master Gong Baozhai. Index.


AuthorHe Jinghan Translated by David Alexander
PublisherSinging Dragon
Number Of Pages159
Book FormatSoftback

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