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Case Studies on Pattern Identification

Case Studies on Pattern Identification

Case study literature is widely regarded as one of the most useful tools for education and clinical development in the field of Chinese medicine. However, few English case study resources truly illustrate the successes and failures of highly-skilled practitioners, and thus many such books fail to be truly useful in the clinic. By contrast, Paradigm's new case study text by Jiao Shu-De represents a breakthrough in high-quality case study literature. Dr. Jiao is one of the most well-respected and well-known Chinese medical practitioners of the modern era. His extensive knowledge and profound clinical experience has been an inspiration to generations of modern Chinese students, and his collected works provide tremendous insight into medicinal therapy, formulas, and case-based treatment approaches. As the third and final publication in the series, this case study volume provides a fascinating insight into the clinical thought processes of one of the few true modern masters of our time. Dr. Jiao is a senior practitioner and educator in China with unparalleled clinical experience. In this text, he documents a variety of cases that cover nearly every specialty field in Chinese medicine. Each case provides an in-depth patient history, and each patient is diagnosed and treated using the principle of pattern identification to determine treatment. Readers will see Dr. Jiao's thought process as he correlates symptoms, identifies patterns, determines the treatment method, selects and modifies formulas, integrates biomedicine, and tracks the patient's progress. While students will benefit from this case-based approach to education, experienced practitioners will gain new insights from the sophisticated approach that Dr. Jiao utilizes. Already a classic in China, this long-awaited text fills a clinical niche that makes it an essential addition to the library of all serious practitioners

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Translator's Foreword

Chapter One -
Pattern identification as a basis for determining treatment requires skilled mastery of the four examinations.

Chapter Two -
Chinese medical theory is the solid foundation of pattern identification as the basis of determining treatment

Chapter Three -
Using a method according to the pattern is a vital link in treatment based on pattern identification

Chapter Four -
Flexible application of prescriptions and medicinals is important in treatment based on pattern identification

Chapter Five -
When treating diseases diagnosed by Western medicine, use pattern identification as a basis for determining treatment

Chapter Six -
A brief discussion on the Chinese medical statement 'Treating different diseases with the same method and treating same diseases with different methods.'

Chapter Seven -
Important issues when applying pattern identification to determine treatment

Chapter Eight -
Constantly improve and develop pattern identification skills to determine treatment


AuthorJiao Shu-de
Publication Date06/01/2006
PublisherEastland Press
Number Of Pages303
Book FormatHardback

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