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Clinical Application of Commonly Used Acupuncture Points

Clinical Application of Commonly Used Acupuncture Points

An invaluable source of authoritative information for practising and trainee acupuncturists alike, this highly practical book synthesises the clinical experience gained in the treatment of a wide variety of disorders by four generations of China's foremost exponents of traditional acupuncture.

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    Chapter 1 General Introduction
    Channels and points
    Study and application of point functions
    General principles governing point indications

    Chapter 2 The Lung Channel of Hand-Taiyin
    LU-1 Zhongfu
    LU-5 Chize
    LU-7 Lieque
    LU-9 Taiyuan
    LU-11 Shaoshang

    Chapter 3 The Large Intestine Channel of Hand-Yangming
    LI-4 Hegu
    LI-11 Quchi
    LI-15 Jianyu
    LI-20 Yingxiang

    Chapter 4 The Stomach Channel of Foot-Yangming
    ST-1 Chengqi
    ST-6 Jiache
    ST-7 Xiaguan
    ST-21 Liangmen
    ST-25 Tianshu
    ST-29 Guilai
    ST-36 Zusanli
    ST-37 Shangjuxu
    ST-40 Fenglong
    ST-41 Jiexi
    ST-44 Neiting

    Chapter 5 The Spleen Channel of Foot-Taiyin
    SP-3 Taibai
    SP-4 Gongsun
    SP-6 Sanyinjiao
    SP-9 Yinlingquan
    SP-10 Xuehai

    Chapter 6 The Heart Channel of Hand-Shaoyin
    HT-5 Tongli
    HT-7 Shenmen

    Chapter 7 The Small Intestine Channel of Hand-Shaoyang
    SI-1 Shaoze
    SI-3 Houxi

    Chapter 8 The Bladder Channel of Foot-Taiyang
    BL-1 Jingming
    BL-2 Cuanzhu
    BL-11 Dazhu
    BL-12 Fengmen
    BL-13 Feishu
    BL-15 Xinshu
    BL-17 Geshu
    BL-18 Ganshu
    BL-20 Pishu
    BL-21 Weishu
    BL-23 Shenshu
    BL-25 Dachangshu
    BL-32 Ciliao
    BL-40 Weizhong
    BL-57 Chengshan
    BL-60 Kunlun

    Chapter 9 The Kidney Channel of Foot-Shaoyin
    KI-1 Yongquan
    KI-3 Taixi
    KI-7 Fuliu

    Chapter 10 The Pericardium Channel of Hand-Jueyin
    PC-3 Quze
    PC-5 Jianshi
    PC-6 Neiguan
    PC-7 Daling

    Chapter 11 The Triple Burner Channel of Hand-Shaoyang
    TB-3 Zhongzhu
    TB-5 Waiguan
    TB-6 Zhigou
    TB- 17 Yifeng

    Chapter 12 The Gallbladder Channel of Foot-Shaoyang
    GB-2 Tinghui
    GB-20 Fengchi
    GB-30 Huantiao
    GB-31 Fengshi
    GB-34 Yanglingquan
    GB-39 Xuanzhong
    GB-40 Qiuxu

    Chapter 13 The Liver Channel of Foot-Jueyin
    LR-2 Xingjian
    LR-3 Taichong
    LR-13 Zhangmen
    LR-14 Qimen

    Chapter 14 The Conception Vessel (ren mai)
    CV-3 Zhongji
    CV-4 Guanyuan
    CV-6 Qihai
    CV-8 Shenque
    CV-10 Xiawan
    CV-12 Zhongwan
    CV-13 Shangwan
    CV-17 Danzhong
    CV-22 Tiantu
    CV-23 Lianquan

    Chapter 15 The Governor Vessel (du mai)
    GV-1 Changqiang
    GV-4 Mingmen
    GV-14 Dazhui
    GV-15 Yamen
    GV-20 Baihui
    GV-26 Shuigou

    Chapter 16 Miscellaneous Points
    Jing-well points of the hand
    EX-LE-5 Xiyan
    EX-HN-5 Taiyang

    Glossary of terminology


    Index of applications by pattern

    General index


AuthorLi Shizhen
PublisherDonica Publishing
Number Of Pages1023
Book FormatHardbook

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