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Points Series - Course 3

Points Series - Course 3

Course Overview

An in-depth study based on the Chinese Classics, on the deep insight of great masters of the past, and on the knowledge of their cultural environment. This presentation sets up a firm foundation for the correct use of the point, Liver 1, which becomes familiar so as to be easily and naturally used. In this course, the Liver 1 dadun acupuncture point, the first point of the Foot Jueyin Liver meridian, is covered.


A comprehensive explanation of the point name that helps explain the point's functions, position and roles is explored; as well, the clinical use of Liv. 1 in the great classical texts of medicine and examples of associations with other points to treat specific symptoms and disorders are also covered.



Access Period: Lifetime

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Provider: CPD Cert


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