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SMAC Webinar Program - Module III (Lower Extremity) - Course 2

SMAC Webinar Program - Module III (Lower Extremity) - Course 2

Course Overview
This video presentation discusses the latest research on muscle motor entry point (MEP) locations, how to find the MEP location and effective needle protocols for these points. This presentation discusses over 33 muscle entry points of the lower extremity and foot. Matt Callison is a pioneer in motor point acupuncture and has spent over 30 years researching, refining and treating muscle motor entry points through the lens of western biomedicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Using surface electrical stimulation, research articles and documenting the locations of muscle motor entry points through his own cadaver dissections has been a career long endeavor. Matt Callison is a master in needling and is well known for designing very effective and innovative treatment protocols that includes MEP’s with traditional acupuncture points. Understanding where the motor nerve enters the muscle is very useful for the TCM practitioner to understand and can provide insight into needle depth and obtaining "de qi" sensation. Motor entry point locations are found through cun measurements and not X and Y coordinates. The locations of the motor entry points in this presenation are found using cun measurements, anatomical landmarks and traditional acupuncture points. This presentation has many cadaver specimen videos showing the motor entry point into the muscle. A cadaver warning announcement will be presented just prior to the video commencing.

Course Objectives
Learn to locate the motor entry points for most muscles of the lower extremity.
Learn updated and refined needle angles and depths for the motor entry points of the lower extremity.
Understand the depth of the motor entry point for precision.

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