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Four Paws Five Directions

Four Paws Five Directions

Suitable for animal lovers seeeking an alternative to Western medicine, and students of veterinary science, this book places special emphasis on uncomplicated approaches to acupressure and diet that can be done by the reader at home. The book colour portraits which accurately chart the meridians and acupressure points.

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JCM Review

"Cheryl Schwartz is a true pioneer in Chinese veterinary medicine for companion animals. This book is her special gift of wisdom to all animal lovers. Read it! It's wonderful"
Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS, Author of Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing

"This is a thoroughly enjoyable and useful book. Dr. Schwartz's grasp of traditional Chinese medicine, and its application to small animals, is a welcome contribution for both pet owners and veterinary physicians."
Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, LAc., Author of Chinese Herbal Patent Formulas

Veterinarians and all who want to learn about healing animals cannot be without this landmark book. Dr. Schwartz is to be congratulated for providing new dimensions to the art and science of veterinary medicine and for deriving new meaning from ancient wisdom for the benefit of all sentient beings"
Dr. Michael W. Fox, Veterinarian, Vice President of The Humane Society of the United States

Welcome to the ancient healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, now for cats and dogs! Used with great success on humans for thousands of years, acupressure, food, and herbal therapy are finally available to our four-legged friends. Starting with the head and working toward the toes, Four Paws, Five Directions addresses a host of problems that anyone living with an animal companion may encounter. For instance, a surprising number of behavioral problems are actually physiological in origin. Instead of costly remedial training, a change in diet or the addition of acupressure or herbs to the animal's care may be the solution. Practical procedures are outlined in clear, comprehensible language, with assessment worksheets, diagnosis charts, and 70 photographs to assist you in making treatment decisions. With a little practice, these are procedures you can use for treating your cat or dog at home. Used as either an adjunct to Western medicine or on its own, Four Paws, Five Directions helps you bring your animal friend's body into balance through a treatment-and-prevention approach that saves both of you from undue distress.

This is a wonderful and eye-opening book which I’ll admit to approaching with a tinge of scepticism. Whilst knowing that acupuncture has long been used in veterinary medicine, I had never really considered how appropriate Chinese medicine theory as a whole might be to the animal world. After reading this book I am reminded that animals also have qi, blood, yin and yang and channels for the pathway of qi. They eat, drink, digest, have sex, procreate, sleep and have emotions and distinct personal characters, and whilst it may be difficult to assess the emotional state of say a guinea pig, dogs and cats are another matter. Cheryl Schwartz has been a vet for nearly 20 years and has practised Chinese medicine on animals for fifteen years so she has a wealth of clinical experience to draw on. From the very opening chapter on five phase correspondences, real animals are introduced, for example to illustrate the fire constitution "Summer is a Toy Poodle who is the happiest little dog you’ve ever seen, except when her person is not around. Then she is anxious, hyperactive, barking hysterically, driving herself into tantrum fits until she can barely breathe. Her heart races, she overheats easily and is unable to take the sun for long periods. She also tends to dream excessively, talking and paddling in her sleep so that she appears restless. When her person finally returns, Summer pees nervously because she is so overjoyed". Or the earth constitution "Kiwi is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever who tends to be overweight. She is a great tracking dog, always willing to please, very obedient, and extremely sensitive to her person’s moods. She sometimes poops out easily, how-ever, having low stamina. In fact, there are days when she prefers to be a couch potato.

Cheryl Schwartz, DVM, was the founder of the EastWest Animal Care Center in Oakland, California, one of the first holistic centers of its kind. She is a trained veterinarian who has been using TCM in her practice for 15 years.


Chapter One - The Five Elements
Chapter Two - The Meridians
Chapter Three - The Eight Principles
Chapter Four - The Vital Essences

Chapter Five - The Diagnosis: What to Expect
Chapter Six - Herbology.
Chapter Seven - Food Therapy .
Chapter Eight - Introduction to Acupressure and Massage Techniques

An Introduction to Treatment
Chapter Nine - The Eyes
Chapter Ten - The Nose and Upper Respiratory Conditions
Chapter Eleven - The Ears
Chapter Twelve - The Teeth and Gums
Chapter Thirteen - The Lungs: The Metal Element
Chapter Fourteen - The Heart and the Pericardium: The Fire Element Chapter Fifteen - The Liver and Gall Bladder: The Wood Element
Chapter Sixteen - The Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach: The Earth Element
Chapter Seventeen - The Kidneys and Urinary Bladder: The Water Element
Chapter Eighteen - The Large Intestine: The Metal Element
Chapter Nineteen - The Bones and Muscles
Chapter Twenty - The Skin
Chapter Twenty-one - The Immune System and the Glands


List of Plates

Large Intestine
Small Intestine
Urinary Bladder
Triple Heater
Gall Bladder
Conception Vessel
Governing Vessel

Acupressure Points

Teeth & Gums
Liver & Gall Bladder
Spleen/ Pancreas/ Stomach
Kidneys & Urinary Bladder
Urinary Bladder
Large Intestine
Bones & Muscles
Immune System & Gland


AuthorCheryl Schwartz
PublisherCelestial Arts
Number Of Pages416
Book FormatSoftback

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