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Introduction to Sa am style Five Element Acupuncture

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03/07/2021 03/07/2021 Anahata Health Clinic, 119-120 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0JL

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Speaker(s) : Jong Baik is an established lecturer with an enthusiastic, intense and also relaxed style of teaching. He specialises in Micro Acupuncture Systems- KHT (Korean Hand Acupuncture Therapy), Auricular (E Chim & Ear Reflex Zone Therapy), Sujok (Korean Hand & Foot Acupuncture), Eye Acupuncture, Nose Acupuncture. He is qualified in Sinology including Chinese Classics (including the Yijing, Nanjing, Huangdi Neijing). He apprenticed under various TCM, KHT and Auricular masters in South Korea, and has deep knowledge of both TCM and Five Element Acupuncture (Sa am Acupuncture). He has worked as part of a palliative care team in a hospice in Darlington for 5 years. He has taught BAcC, BMAS, ATCM and AACP practitioners for the past 7 years. He is Visiting Lecturer to University of Coventry & Butterwick Hospice.

Jong Baik

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Enhance your understanding and application of Five Element acupuncture with this simple-to-learn and effective style. Jong shares his exceptional knowledge and clinical practice of Sa am Five Element Acupuncture in this 1 day event. He will explain the following: - An introduction to Sa am style Five Element Acupuncture - What is it and how is it used - Five element points- well, spring, stream, river & sea - Five element points on each of the 12 meridians & important points - Cold & heat dispelling methods - Tonification & sedation methods - An extensive range of suggested prescriptions from the original Sa am Acupuncture manuscript for a selection of symptoms & illnesses Numerous demonstrations, supervised point location and practice sessions​



Booking information or call Anahata Clinci on 01273 698687

Open to

Qualified acupuncture practitioners as well as acupuncture, herbal medicine students, and other practitioners and students of the body.


£75 OR Earlybird: book and pay by 3 June 2021, only £70 OR Book and pay for both Jong Baik workshops by 3 June 2021, only £135 for both

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