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About Jade Spring Teas


Our vision

Jade Spring Teas is committed, wherever possible, to:

• Ethical business. We believe in buying at source from small farmers so that they receive a proper return for their work, rather than being squeezed by a long supply chain. We try to meet our farmers and their families and establish a personal relationship with them.

• Environmental sustainability. We endeavor to source organic teas wherever we can and when this is not possible, to buy teas that have been subject to minimal pesticide use.

• We honour and support artisan tea traditions. In practice this means that teas are hand-picked and hand-processed, often using techniques that have been handed down for many centuries. This is in contrast to the mechanized picking and processing that is increasingly carried out on large estates.

• We believe that our customers should have the chance to be informed about what they are buying and so we are committed to providing as much information as we can about the teas we, sell, where and how they are grown, and how they are best brewed. We love the fact that something as enjoyable as tea should also be so healthy and we maintain a long and current database of tea health research.

Jade Spring Teas was born out of a meeting between Peter Deadman and Jennifer Maksymetz.

 Peter, who has long loved drinking tea was seeking to raise his knowledge of the subject and was lucky enough to see an advertisement for an evening run by a 'tea mistress' who had mysteriously manifested in Brighton where he lives. Intrigued, he went along and was inspired by a joyful combination of tea culture, tea ritual, wonderful teas and wonderful conversation.

 Before long the idea of starting a company devoted to ethical, fair trade, origin-sourced and artisan prepared teas was born. 

 From Peter's point of view, this was a chance to offer wonderful teas on The Journal of Chinese Medicine website (as well as to enjoy the teas himself).

 From Jennifer's point of view this was a chance to express her deep love and knowledge of tea and the art, science and ritual surrounding this precious plant. Jennifer has been studying tea and practicing Gongfu (Chinese) tea ceremony since 2000.  While living in Taiwan, she was  introduced to tea culture through her tea aficionado Taiwanese ‘family’. Since then, she has had the opportunity to study with tea masters and mentors from Canada, Hong Kong, England, Japan, South Korea, Nepal and China. She has travelled through many of the world’s celebrated tea regions, meeting farmers and gathering tea wisdom. Jennifer has recently returned from visiting small tea farms in China and Taiwan, and it is from this trip that several of our teas are sourced.