Jin Si Gao Cooling Plaster ( 6 pcs per pack)

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Natural Solutions for Pain Management

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for natural alternative solutions for pain relief due to the undesirable side effects of western pain relief medicines. Herbal pain relief external products can be used to reinforce the acupuncture treatment and an ideal substance to maintain chronic pains conditions.

Jin Si Gao - Cooling Patch

Widely recognized for its effectiveness in pain management.

Why Jin Si Gao?

Due to the increased demand for natural solutions for pain management, numerous external herbal products for pain relief consequently appeared in the market. Why Jin Si Gao appears to be superior to other herbal external products? Comparing to the traditional herbal pain relief patches, Jin Si Gao has the following unique features:

  • Made with 100% herbal active ingredients to cover majority causes for pain

  • Hydrogel base makes Jin Si Gao skin friendly

  • An effective product to help in acute pain relief

  • An ideal substance to maintain chronic pains condition

  • Use to reinforce the acupuncture treatment

  • Re-sealable package to retain its effectiveness

How does Jin Si Gao work?  

Jin Si Gao is a combination of Traditional Chinese herbal formula with advanced technology of large-molecule hydropolymers. Jin Si Gao’s herbal formula contains 16 active herbs which were carefully chosen to work together holistically and synergistically. Some create the primary healing functions; some increase the action of the primary herbs, and some decrease adverse reactions from the primary and secondary herbs. This formula is developed basing on the fact that effects are interdependent. Inflammation, for example, increases pain and gets in the way of healing, so herbs which reduce inflammation also tend to reduce pain and promote healing. Swelling and bruising are caused by accumulations of fluid, so herbs which increase blood flow also reduce bruising and swelling. Therefore, for the purpose pain relief, this formula intends to be the most balanced formula and hits all the important points: pain relief, reduce inflammation, reduce swelling and bruising, increase blood flow, relax injured muscles, minimize tissue damage and promote healing.

Comparing to the traditional herbal plasters, which are mainly the herbal paste in natural rubber with a cloth backing, Jin Si Gao applied with jelly-like hydro-absorptive backing, which contains substantial amount of moisture to produce soothing and cooling relief. Hydro base makes Jin Si Gao skin friendly, easily applied and removed without staining clothes.

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